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About Transport B2C

Transport B2C is a North American company located in Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated in offering our clients our mid-mile, final mile and home delivery services with our 2PL or 3PL models using the latest technology across all of North America. Our large national fleet of trucks allows us flexibility to meet our clients needs and to scale up as required with little time needed.

At Transport B2C, we strive in supporting your logistic and technology requirements with our team of B2C experts to obtain excellent services with quality results and most importantly on time.

Transport B2C van parked in front of Rona
Transport B2C delivery team stands in front of a van

Our Values

We strive in putting our clients’ needs first to ensure success and sustainability. That means meeting your needs while executing flawless deliveries at all tiers.

And not just deliveries — our Third-Party Logistics (3PL) services allows you the peace of mind to focus on other projects while we handle your warehousing, fulfillment, and freight forwarding.

We are one of the only logistic companies that are asset owned. We own our fleet and the drivers are our employees — we do not sub-contract brokers. This way we know which driver is being assigned to each client and each driver is trained to follow their process. This is a dedicated service to all our clients.

Our Team

We are a team of over 75 employees nationally, and growing!

Our management team specializes in supply chain management, business management, and fleet management. Our operations and dispatch teams specialize in assigning orders for our clients on the trucks and optimizing routes. The entire Transport B2C team is dedicated to respecting time slots following our processes for a 100% execution rate.

Sebastian Zapata, Director of Operations

Sebastian Zapata

Director of Operations

Robin Shukla, Operations Manager

Robin Shukla

Operations Manager

Saraih Castro, Administration Manager

Saraih Castro

Administration Manager

Belle Lee, Financial Officer

Belle Lee

Financial Officer

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