3PL Services

Transport B2C offers 2PL and 3PL solutions to fulfill multi-tier delivery services including ecommerce orders.

As our clients needs evolve in the supply chain industry, B2C is ready to support all our clients demands.

  • Flexible API technology
  • Integration
  • Fulfillment services
  • Client visibility through dashboard
  • Live tracking for our clients and customers

Discover the power of allowing Transport B2C to manage all your logistic needs!

Why choose Transport B2C?

Canada-wide service

We deliver everywhere in Canada — even in remote areas.


Cross-border loads with final deliveries to consumers' homes across all states in the USA.

Brand new fleet

Connect vans for small parcels, transit vans for large orders, and 3- and 5-ton trucks for pallets.

Expert Drivers

Diligently trained and certified drivers who prioritize health and safety both on and off the road.

Delivering results

Contact us today to see how we can help your business